Highlight Reel Editing Services

Football Recruiting Videos are becoming more and more popular as people are hearing about us. And, a football recruiting video is a must if you want to get the attention of a scout and potentially land a spot on a professional or semi-professional football team.

If you attended our showcase match we can create your highlight video from the match footage.

You will receive the fully produced video to upload to your YouTube channel or your football CV.

Here is what you can expect to see in your Football Recruiting Video:

Bio Page – Here is where you will feature information about the player including a player photo, Player’s playing details.

Category Slides – We separate the plays into categories including rushing, passing, tackling, defense, interceptions, kickoffs, field goals, etc. so a coach sees an organized approach so they can properly evaluate you as an athlete.

Player Spotlight Graphics – We will freeze the play, spotlight the player (so the coach knows exactly who to look for), and then let the play continue.

Transitions – We create smooth transitions between the plays so that you get a highly finished and customized look.

Highlight Video

Your Total Highlight Solution

We can work with all of your footage from Hudl, tournament footage, your smart phone, YouTube, and more!

  • Full Season Highlights
  • Mid-Season Highlights
  • Summer and Tournament Highlights
  • Skills Video Editing
  • Individual Game Highlights

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