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Première Group has been brought together by one common objective - to offer ExtraOrdinary Football Logistics

We specialise in Grassroots discovery, lifestyle management, full representation and gurantee unquestionable commitment,Offering a vast range of services which allows us to be confident in the desire to achieve life changing results. From contract transfers to navigating overseas family matters, including finances, to NDAs & legalities we have you covered.

Our goal and ethos is clear and transparent throughout the process by maximising the potential, specifically in our younger developing players.

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Together we are in a league of our own, throughout the leagues of the world

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Current opportunities

Intermediary / Become an Agent

Football intermediary is to manage various aspects of their client’s career, in order to allow the player to concentrate on playing professional football.

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Highlight Reel Editing Services

Football recruiting videos are a must to get the attention of a scout and potentially land a spot on a professional or semi-professional football team.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media / NFT

Social media is an important way for players to interact with their fans, included in this is the growth of the NFT market.

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Lifestyle Management Facilities

Lifestyle management aims to educate and support you to achieve your health goals through lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.

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